Video”ABAHIZI (Conquerors) by Davy-Carmel ft Big Zoe

ABAHIZI (Conquerors) is Burundian singer and songwriter Davy-Carmel song featuring rapper Big Zoé. The song was written and recorded during summer 2015, when the Burundi was living the beginning of its civil crisis. Davy says ” it was so hard to keep dreaming and following our passions, it’s like everything was screaming loud “give up”, i felt like i needed to tell myself and all those who felt like me! Keep running after your dreams, you are a Conqueror, God Who put that dream in you is Your Strength!”. The video has the same message, it shows a group of persons sleeping (representing dreams, visions and passions) who are urged to wake up and run after their destiny! in the beginning they are afraid but together, one lifting up another, they grow strong and become fearless Conquerors.

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