Max Marcelon Jr aka Max Jay was born in the Nord-Ouest Department of Haiti “Saint-Louis-du-Nord. When he was thirteen, his family moved to Fort Lauder-dale Florida. By his teenage years in high school, Max became a campus superstar. He was called the name “Wyclef Jr” by many classmates and teachers because he was always singing and playing his guitar. Max has performed in many talent shows and found his passion for performance while him and his teacher was performing a song that he wrote about Africa in a black history month show at school. He explained, “she looked at me and said, Max I can’t believe you actually wrote this beautiful song, you’re a very talented kid. From that moment I knew music was for me and it’s what I will be doing for the rest of my life because it’s a beautiful gift from God. I started writing songs in my head, and it took my interest in music to another level. I wanted to learn the whole process of making professional music, so after high school I attended Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. He majored in music recording art engineer. Becoming a well trained engineer and producer, Max has written and produced many songs for countless local artists.

Rising singer producer and songwriter Max Marcelon Jr. is no stranger to music. Singing since he learned to speak, Max is a true gifted musician.With the blend of Hip hop, Reggae and R&B. Max M.J has his own individual style. Authenticity would be the best and first word when describing this young singer and producer’s music. His vocals ability will perturb you and keep you listening over and over again. He said.” I want to sound different on each and every songs and I love the fact that I’m super versatile in switching my voice around to create different characters in a song. If you’re a new fan you will be perturb a little, listening to my music for the first time you will definitely think there’s a featuring in every track.

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