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Me And You- B-Clay ft Castro)

B-Clay is one of the new school artists in Ghana currently starting to make waves, the uber talentyed youngster has his street credibility working for him after the learning the ropes of the Afro pop game ... continue reading
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The Mith, Go Hard
Ugandan music with an array of hitmakers sprouting up definiteky calls for attention in the African music industry. With artistes like Eddy Kenzio, The Mith, A- Pass and others, the country is brimming ... continue reading
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Jean-Pierre – ABC

ABC Artwork
Pure poetry! ABC is an alliteration piece that runs through all the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. Catchy punch-lines combined with Jean-Pierre’s knack for flows makes this a very colourful listen. ... continue reading
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The Power of Music

The art form of music whose medium is sound and silence is a phenomenal part of human existence. It is amazing how music has the ability to alter your moods. There have been so many attempts to define ... continue reading
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Eva – Light Outs

Eva revs things up with Exquisite Visuals for her new single ‘Lights Out’. The Video features Abuja based Model, “Andrew Omo” -@Dresomes, and impressive Dance moves by Eva and the ... continue reading
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