Seems Like P-Square Split Has Finally Happened

The signs are too much to ignore now, P-Square seems to have broken up with the brothers pursuing solo paths

Whoever thought this day would come, despite all the controversies in the past and how super-star pop duo P-Square have managed to survive and still continued to entertain us with good music and performances. *Sad Face*.

Just few days after Paul of P-Square released that emotional piece of music – ‘Call Heaven‘, which purports to talk about their apparent break up, Peter his brother have also decided to make it quite obvious by having his own personal management team and new management contact as he prepares to start a solo career.

Infact Peter was seen in the the studio with Selebobo a few days ago also, in what looked like a song in the making (without his brother in the background of course). He also posted his new management contact details on his Instagram, tagging himself as “Mr. P“, while thanking his fans for their patience and prayers during the trying time. Peter (Alone) is also gearing up to perform live on stage at the KIZA DIFC VVIP event which will be holding in Dubai come April.

While all these evidence points to the fact that our beloved continental Mega-Super Stars are no more together, they are mere speculations at this point, as we are still yet to get an official affirmative press statement from what remains of Square Records. Whatever the case may be, we surely wish both of them very well with their careers moving forward.

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