Two of the biggest musical Powerhouses from Africa have joined forces to release: “Tulale Fofofo”. The track will break African borders – music that will touch and draw masses in the entire African continent. Both Mi Casa and Sauti Sol are multi-award winning acts – both have been nominated for the prestigious Kora awards in 2016. Mi Casa with their fusion house and Jazz, and Sauti Sol with their own distinct Afro-Pop sound: the two bands have managed to draw elements from both their worlds. The melding of these quintessential facets has resulted in a unique work of art that will be a continental hit.
Ahead of the release of “Tulale Fofofo”, Sauti Sol said in a statement: “We love Mi Casa. They are distinct and we always wanted to work with them. Their story and work ethic is amazing! This is Sauti Sol and Jozi to the world. It’s a good thing for Kenya to meet South Africa in more than styles of music. We are happy to share their artistic expression.” Mi Casa travelled up Africa on their international tour in 2015 where they were presented with the opportunity to team up with acclaimed group Sauti Sol. The synergy between them is immediately experienced when you listen to their new single “Tulale Fofofo”. “The gents from Kenya… What an honor it was working with them! You know you gonna have a great tune when you get into the studio and a few hours later the song is done and dusted… We can’t wait for the world to head what Mi Casa X Sauti Sol sounds like” – J Something, Mi Casa.
This song will lend a hand for Africans to transcend their differences and dance the common beat of unity.

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