Listen Up: Julie Solia – Aisé

Julie Solia was brought into music since her childhood journey in Ghana, and defines herself as a UFO born from a cultural melting pot. To her, music is a way of creating communion with other people, of delivering a message, to expand our minds and express our own spirituality.
While in Africa she participated to a lot of youth projects, and kept on doing so as she came back to France, singing both in musical shows – Broadway style – and in rock bands. At 17 she was admitted to the Contemporary Section of the Conservatoire of Courbevoie, where she improved her vocal technique and her musical interpretations.
Gradually, she went into funk music – recording two EP’s – before getting fond of the 60’s music and the Civil Rights Movement. Music remains to her the best way to connect people. Defending the status of women in modern societies, she admires Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and many more.

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