Are you a Liberian music fan looking for some inspiration? Well, you got it. Liberian artist Jon Bricks just release his new motivational song ‘CONQUEROR’, and said,

“This song is dedicated to all my fans and supporters who have kept it real with me always and also to all of my critics, u all helped to make me a better person that I am today. NEVER give up on your DREAMS, keep pushing u will surely Succeed”.

Coming from Liberia and currently living in China, Jon Bricks has come a long way in his music career and has continued to make songs that not only feels good but also provide motivation. Veteran artist like Takun J is on the ground using his music to educate and tackle major issues such as justice for all in Liberia, and rightly so. Jon Bricks on the other hand is among the few Liberian artist using their platforms to take Hip-Co to the international stage. Finally, there’s a lot of good things coming out of Liberia musically – Liberian music fans need the good music because they have been the only support behind our Liberian artist since day one.

And despite the lack of financial backing for the Liberian entertainment industry, It is an exciting time for entertainers in Liberia, many of whom have embraced social media to reach their loyal fans. And Jon Bricks is doing things right and on his own terms – keeping it real. Through his own record label ‘Zama Records International’ he has made songs that get you dancing and singing along.

As for ‘Conqueror’, The song lyrics captures your attention from the start. The beat is nice and solid, followed by a strong engaging rhythm that grabs you and carries you along. Conqueror takes a motivational approach as Jon talks about his career, trip and experiences around the world, and how much he appreciate his fans and critics for making him the man he is today.

Here’s some lyrics from the song ‘Conqueror’

“I been around the world, I am a conqueror
Tell me the thing I nah hear ya
Show me the thing nah see ya
I thank my God above, cus my people still show me love…
First in first, I want to give thanks to my own papa God oh
Shout out to my fans and the one’s that’s been keeping me down through my struggle
Been around the world, people say I change but I’m the same boy
I am a conqueror, I never give up
Cus you don’t know my story”.

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